BTS عملکرد قابل اطمینان بسته بندی شده در یک بدنه فوق فشرده
Manufacturer: autonics
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* Ultra-slim width of only 7.2mm

- W7.2 x H18.6 x L9.5mm (through-beam type)

- W7.2 x H24.6 x L10.8mm (retroreflective type, convergent reflective type)

* Detection methods and minimum target size

-Through-beam type (BTS1M): Ø2mm

-Retroreflective type (BTS200): Ø2mm (at distance 100mm)

-Convergent reflective type (BTS15/BTS30): Ø0.15mm (at distance 10mm)

* Detecting distance may vary by environmental factors

* Stability indicator (Green LED) and operation indicator (Red LED)

* Stainless steel (SUS304) mounting brackets
* IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)





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