کنترل¬گر دمایی نوع PID با صفحه نمایش LCD
تولید کننده: autonics
تماس برای قیمت


* 50 ms high-speed sampling and ±0.3% display accuracy

* Large LCD display with easy-to-read white PV characters

* Switch between current output and SSR drive output

* SSR drive output (SSRP function) control options: ON/OFF control, cycle control, phase control

* Communication output model available : RS485 (Modbus RTU)

* Parameter setting through PC (RS485 communication)

: Comprehensive device management software (DAQMaster) provided

* Compact, space-saving design with 45 mm depth

: 30% rear-length size reduction compared to similar-sized Autonics models (48 x 48 mm models)

Terminal protection cover sold separately : RSA-COVE




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